You should never be separated from your newborn baby.

Your KangaCarrier will enable you to do this  safely by stabilising the baby's airway

For nine months of pregnancy, mother and foetus have been one entity. In the womb the baby is warm, fed and protected, and that is all it needs to develop. When it is newborn, it still needs to be warmed, fed and protected, and when placed skin-to-skin on mother’s chest, a newborn baby is in the one place where warmth, food and protection is best available. Human newborns are born very immature, and in a way complete their gestation and development outside the womb, on mother’s chest.

 KangaCarrier shirts    This specially designed shirt and wrapper comes with careful instructions for correct tying on for the safety of your newborn infant and for your maximum comfort, leaving your hands free to get on with your life, while at the same time doing the best for your baby.

Standard stock is sky blue, a variety of other colours are available from time to time.

As it is a wraparound shirt, it fits most sizes, but is also available as an XL (Extra large)

 For background on this shirt see how and where it was developed ... and how to use ot for full term babies, quite separately from premature babies.   There are practical tips on its use, and some aspects on safe technique described also.


Further information.

How to use the KangaCarrier is also illustrated in two of our films:

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                  Hold Your prem - the film

Why Kangaroo Mother Care and the use of the KangaCarrier works is related in a 51 minute video:

                Kangaroo Mother Care – Restoring the Original Paradigm for Infant Care

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The care of premature and lowbirth weight infants should be under the supervision of a suitably qualified health professional. No liability for any adverse event in any way related to the use of the KangaCarrier is accepted by Kangaroo Mother Care Promotions or the author.