doula supportDuring the actual labour, nurses and midwives are usually in constant attendance, as this is seen as a high risk time. The same applies for the first hour after birth, but during this time the nurses also have a great deal of practical work to do, and even more paper work to complete, and the focus on the mother and the newborn baby gets reduced to medical and nursing observations. Father might be there ... but what does he know ?

And yet ... this is the most important time of all for the baby. This is the golden hour when the baby wants to do it self-attachment, and make it first eye to eye contact with mother that leads to bonding. This is the time it identifies the breast and wires its brain to that breast for optimal, easy and trouble free breastfeeding.  This is a fragile time ... because these early behaviours can easily  be disturbed.

And so the Kangaroula is there to make sure that this disturbance is minimised as far as possible, while also making sure that mother and baby are fine, assisting the nurses with all the things they have to do, while avoiding separation and disturbing baby.


Our experience is that mothers who have the first two hours protected and supported in this way are profoundly empowered thereafter. There is an enhanced quality to the attachment, as mothers learn to understand their own baby's communications and needs that much earlier. The baby gets into a content mode, that makes the whole future of being a parent that much easier, and enjoyable.

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     Being prepared, informed and educated  about your choices before birth makes a difference, the first hour of life is very important.


We can be with you during  your labour, like the doula.  This reduces pain  for you, and helps your baby

3.   AT BIRTH:  NORMAL DELIVERY  we offer help with:

•Immediate Skin to skin  contact ( on mum or dad )
•Encouragement of early breastfeeding & bonding
•Safe technique for attaching newborn  to Mum’s chest for safe co-sleeping
•Sensory  supportive environment for newborn
•Technology as needed

4. IF CAESAREAN  is needed or planned:  we offer help with:

•Skin to skin on dad in operating theatre
•Support in transfer of baby to mum  for early self-attachment and bonding.
•in addition to breastfeeding, safe technique, sensory environment and technology .


Getting the start right with early skin-to-skin contact, you will find that the answers to most parenting questions will come from inside yourself. You don’t need any books !  Our support enables you to trust yourself as a parent.   You can learn how to read your baby’s tiny stress cues and learn to calm her.


COLLABORATION and TEAMWORK with all categories of staff

 We will support the staff in their roles, and work to make all involved into an integrated and “state of the art”  care team.



Antenatal classes help you to give birth well, but  what classes teach you how to be a parent? Adjusting to a tiny baby can be a very challenging time for you. Your baby needs you to face your feelings, so that you can help her thrive. Counselling can help you understand your emotions and cope better.