There are countless sites on the birth of a baby ... the following sites are in line with the science and evidence base that we hold to.

For information on Kangaroo Mother Care and Kangaroo Care see  Skin-to-Skin Contact ... other sites from there!


For information on doulas (birth companions);

In South Africa:   WOMBS
International:        DONA

Key websites:

NICU Care           for health professionals                      Information on NICU          NICU parent support


Breastfeeding support



Milk Banks for tiny prematures  breast milk saves lives. Please consider donating!!!    United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking             milk bank In the USA   milk bank in South Africa


Other resources      sign language for babies                             for parents of prem babies      for parents of twins and multiples          Grief support           when a Child Dies    Stillbirth Policy Advocacy




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