The essentials at a discounted price.


POSTCARDS: set of 9 (four showing here)

Suitable for greetings, and also sending
brief reports to doctors and colleagues.

KMC postcards

POSTERS:  set of 2  KMC poster l

One on what KMC is all about,
the other on benefits of KMC for Mums and babies.
These would help to spread information about KMC
to have in antenatal clinics
and maternity wards and ICU. 

 KMC poster p

Bead work

Made by HIV positive mothers in Cape Town, some of whom support themselves solely by this means.
The kangaroo is available as a broch or pin (pictured)or as a key ring.

The Golden Bow is for Breastfeeding

Order other bead products direct from   KIDZPOSITIVE

 You can even design your own beadwork to order !!


 kmc ribbonbreastfeeding beaded