Our products all support and promote Kangaroo Mother Care.

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Grow Your Baby's Brain    

 Our latest  DVD  (October 2011) !    The neuroscience for every baby and every new or expecting parent. The key message is that it does matter how babies are born. 

  Hold your Prem   the book - for parents of prematures,  and also nurses or doctors supporting them, gives the most recent brain science on skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, brain growth, sleep, and development, written  in easy language, by Jill Bergman with medical input and full scientific references from Nils. When you need this information, you need it fast, so please make a note of this resource.

Hold your Prem - the film     now in DVD format, illustrating details from the book.

 For more information, watch on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O0w8Lhekb0 

 Kangaroo Mother Care  DVD   

This DVD has two films on  Kangaroo Mother Care. The "Rediscover the Natural Way" is for parents primarily, but also for health professionals. The "Restorng the Original Paradigm" is longer and gives more theoretical explanations for new concepts.

  Kangacarrier shirts

The  KangaCarrier shirt helps the mother (and father) to carry her baby in KMC while walking around. The KangaCarrier shirt and wrap is the only carrier for premature babies This makes it possible to carry their babies for more hours of the day as it is easier. The KangaCarrier is suitable for all full terms for the first four to six weeks, but is especially important for prematures as it stabilises the airway.

 Other products

We also have postcards of beautiful premature babies, and  two KMC posters.  One on what KMC is all about, the other on benefits of KMC for Mums and babies. These would help to spread information about KMC to have in antenatal clinics and maternity wards and ICU. 
Promotional beadwork is made by HIV positive mothers ... a kangaroo ribbon and a beaded version of UNICEF's gold bow for breastfeeding.




KMC poster l

KMC poster p