28 Nov 2014
November 28, 2014

What a new baby really needs

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So many people ask what one REALLY needs for a baby. The answer is… not much! Marketing for baby things is hugely successful at making everyone spend unnecessary amounts of money!

So here is a list of the “must-have” things to buy for your tiny baby.

You need:

  • Nappies: look at the variety of nappies and waterproof options so you get to see and hear about them from a non-biased / non-marketing person. Then you will find out about cloth or disposable options.
  • A car seat: an expensive item and essential. Maybe suggest to the soon to be grandparents to invest in their grandchild’s safety!
  • A few baby grows: people will probably give you those.
  • A hat for sun and a bonnet or something that covers baby’s ears: for use in our Cape Town southeaster.
  • Some kind of cot for daytime sleeps: Look on Gumtree but buy your own new sheets for this.
  • A piece of dark patterned cotton fabric: for sunshade, wind shield, window shield and also makes a changing mat or a mat on the floor, acts as a towel or sheet and doubles as a carrier!
  • Graze and wound powder for baby’s umbilical cord: works better than surgical spirits.


  • A sling for when your baby grows a bit more: A 6-metre wrap type or something to have the baby on your front when they are small. Lots of options on the market. (Look up baby wearing on Google for some ideas).
  • A rucksack: for carrying a bigger baby on your back. Get this much later.

An idea… maybe you and your friends can have a rotating pool of the above items! But everything else is cute/ pretty and a money-making racket.

The list is more than 4 items, but I think you get the general idea.

Oh yes and you need two breasts, two strong arms, a loving and supportive husband  or partner and a wonderful God to carry you through, and friends who can support you through the first weeks with meals etc. so you can get breastfeeding going well, and get some sleep to keep sane. A sense of humour really helps at 2am!

Jill Bergman (Kangaroula)