16 Apr 2015
April 16, 2015

Jill and Nils in Sweden.

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From Spain we flew to Sweden, where sadly three of our engagements were cancelled. This did mean we could spend more time with Nils family, which was a bonus.



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It was special to have time with Nils’ family in Uppsala. At the end of the week he took the fast train to Gothenburg to speak at the ……………………. Hospital.


Jill spoke to Amningshjalpen, breastfeeding association in Gothenburg http://www.amningshjalpen.se/

and met many old friends from previous Kultuurtolks doulor courses link that she has run with Fodelsehuset http://fodelsehuset.se/. Cultural doulas are immigrant women trained to be doulas supporting another new immigrant both with translating the language but also the culture. This is an excellent initiative of Eva- maria Wassberg, Maria hogenas and others from Fodelsehuset

. In our modern world where many cultures and languages are stirred together, these women give emotional support and a sense of safety to a labouring mother in her own language and this improves care in pregnancy, and outcomes for their babies.