When I look back over the last few years and the over 70 births I have supported, I am hugely grateful to the amazing couples who have given me the privilege of sharing their wonderful birth journeys. I felt inspired to share what I have learnt!

I am so grateful for all that “my mothers” have taught me:

  • That birth is a NORMAL and NATURAL process that mothers KNOW how to do
  • That women cope better if they are informed about the process of birth, have asked for their preferences beforehand, and then are supported through the process
  • of the wonderful design of how the hormones and muscles work together for the birth
  • Of a mum’s patience through the hours of labour as dad, or I quietly rub her back in the bath through her surges
  • of the incredible strength of a woman in labour and her feeling of power in the birth
  • What an awe-inspiring “job” as I get to share in the mind-blowing joy of a mother holding her baby for the first time,
  • .that a new mum has a huge amount of resilience to cope with little sleep, and a newborn that wants to feed all the time, and they handle it with such grace
  • . that birthing women need another women to support them

Thank you mothers for the close bond we form as we share the birthing and early parenting journey

New Mothers are AMAZING!