What a wonderful privilege also to share the hardest times with parents which are also very beautiful and a real part of our human experience when things did not go as planned

  • when the mum is exhausted after a LONG day and a half of slowly building labour
  • The disappointments of a caesarean being needed
  • And parents coming through the process when none of their expectations went as planned
  • Sharing the agony of parents losing a baby born too early
  • Parents being given time to hold their malformed baby and say goodbye with love and dignity and prayers
  • Of supporting parents of a preterm baby through their tears, shock and questions of why she was born too early
  • Of how invaluable strong family support and faith can be when a newborn dies

Sometimes this is so very tough, but still very precious, and diamonds are forged in the deepest darkness.

I salute these beautiful parents and their courage to keep going.