Some of my most wonderful experiences have been:

  • Of having doctors prepared to change their routines to have a baby calm in immediate skin to skin contact on mothers chest with delayed cord clamping in the operating room during a caesarean , and being so surprised at how calm the baby is!
  • Of four sets of twins breastfeeding on the operating table.

I love supporting parents on the start of their breastfeeding journey!

  • Helping mothers and babies coordinating to get a deep latch and learn the dance of breastfeeding
  • Very tired mums after little or no sleep, still lovingly holding their baby to the breast as they get breastfeeding started
  • Yes and also watching mums still feeding even when their nipples are tender or sore as they want to give their baby the best food and comfort
  • Watching mums cope with engorgement
  • Watching dads gentleness in supporting, encouraging and melting as they hold their newfound little treasure
  • Of watching God answer prayers

Best of all is supporting a young woman as she becomes a mother, and a young couple as they become a family. What an AWE-SOME privilege!

Thank you to all of you!