Links to useful sites

There are countless sites on the birth of a baby. The following sites are in line with the science and evidence base that we hold to.

For science based information on Kangaroo Mother Care and Kangaroo Care see Skin-to-Skin Contact and also Nurturescience

For information on doulas (birth companions)

In South Africa: WOMBS
International: DONA

NICU care Information on NICU NICU parent support

Breastfeeding support

Milk banks

For tiny prematures, breast milk saves lives. Please consider donating! United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking milk bank in the USA milk bank in South Africa

Other resources sign language for babies for parents of prem babies for parents of twins and multiples grief support when a child dies Stillbirth Policy Advocacy

“Your Baby’s Brain” – slides: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4


IMportant links