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I have first hand clinical experience of immediate and continuous skin-to-skin contact from both poor and rich countries, I have hospital and health service management experience in health services and bureaucracies, and I have research experience. I am able to motivate for and support skin-to-skin contact and every baby’s best interests, everywhere.  I can help you …  More details!

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The World Health Organization identifies immediate and continuous skin-to-skin contact as “one of the most critical, life-saving measures”, even in “high and low-income countries”. Further: “ensuring mothers and babies everywhere can stay together after birth will in many cases require a radical rethink of how newborn care is provided.”      MAKING THIS “RADICAL RETHINK” HAPPEN IS MY PASSION  !


  • Provide the scientific evidence for optimal birth, nurturescience, the role of skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, parenting for emotional connection and future secure attachment; and to conduct research as needed.
  • Disseminate this knowledge on mother-infant togetherness, educate all health professionals and empower parents.
  • Promote practice change in health systems and facilities that enhance mother-infant togetherness

AUDIENCES …. as in my mission statement “health professionals and parents” are equally important, the message is that parents must become primary caregivers for their babies.  Health professionals function in larger systems, I am equipped to support implementation starting from Ministry of Health level and down.

TOPICS and TITLES … cover all aspects described in my mission statement. I can make brief presentations, but I much prefer longer talks to explain the “radical rethink” that the new evidence and guidlines require. I strive to customize content to identified needs and situational analysis, for best possible impact.

I offer a variety of PRESENTATIONS … with topics and subjects suitable for conferences, workshops, seminars and the like.  The style and content for GRAND ROUND talks (USA term for lecture to doctors) is slightly different, and the content more focused.  WORKSHOPS can be brief and focused, but even up to a full five-day week. I advise on PROTOCOLS and policy updating and provide the evidence base as needed. ONLINE works perfectly for conference and meeting presentations, and adequately for most of the above.  For any talk, I provide the required information for local organizers to arrange CEU’s, CERPS, CME’s, etc.

A common feedback at previous events around the world has been the wish that the information presented should also reach doctors in the hospitals. The following “hospital options” suggest  additional ways in which this can be done, apart from the Grand Rounds.

DEMONSTRATION of technique is valuable … “seeing is believing”! I am able to show methods with mothers and preterm infants of any weight and technological dependency, using the KangaCarrier. Such infants are obviously unstable and a strict protocol for how I do this will be provided. This also works well with a mock-up and manikin. The sensory environment has a profound influence on the developing brain – a SENSORY ROUND with a heat camera, sound and light meter can suggest areas that need improvement. NICU nurses are tied to their patients but FIRESIDE lectures allow them to hear the theory first-hand and can precede the demonstrations.

TRAINING courses in hospitals are an efficient way of providing parallel theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on learning. Sample topics and programmes of 1-day, 2-day and whole-week courses are available, but primarily as a guide to customize training inputs to local needs.  In general any course strives to provide a balance of half talk and half practical. The scope and quality of these courses is greatly enhanced when working together with my wife Jill, “the kangaroula“. She imparts attitude skills on developmental care, parent counseling and educational aspects with respect to nurse –parent communication. On the practical side, she teaches sensory-supportive developmental care, skin-to-skin technique and breastfeeding basics in the skin-to-skin position.

I am happy to help with all the above … booking information here !

Upcoming engagements   … see schedule of speaking tours and  on line talks, with contact details.

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