Booking Dr Bergman

Contact me – by email is best!   

I can  send a detailed “speaker information” document, with all the information from these webpages and more, all in one place.

I am now living in Stockholm , Sweden, no longer in South Africa. Sweden is part of the European Union, and easily accessible. For more “international” travel: this essentially involves four working days, before any engagements. I prefer therefore if at all possible to combine three or more engagements to make best use of time. Further, these should if possible be within a two week period, in order not to be away from my family and five grandchildren, which are very important to me! 

I am also able to combine engagements with my wife Jill, who is the original Kangaroula! We believe that actually bringing about practical change does require dedicating staff to the functions of Zero Separation, not by adding them at the end of a job description. Such a dedicated staff does not have to be called a kangaroula, but the functions we describe and teach under the banner of “a new health cadre”.  The kangaroula is a cadre directly supporting health, everybody else is primarily accountable for reducing risks from disease.

Combining engagements  has the additional major advantage that costs for my travel can be shared by several hosts. I accept that for a host  there may be “competition”. This can be managed by an exclusion radius or other means. However the host can assist arrangements by facilitating engagements beyond such a radius, or by connecting with a different target audience locally. I will generally regard the initiating host as the “primary host”, and communicate planning primarily with such.   I charge per whole day, but I also have a flat rate for a whole week, which is cost-effective if several hosts want to coordinate my time and function as a consortium, even informally.

On my tours page I keep a current list of future engagements, along with notes as to availability in conjunction with such travels.

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