Coaching and Mentoring

This heading I define as meaning training provided in Cape Town, South Africa, where I live!

It can be difficult implementing major practice change without having actually seen different ways of doing things, and been able to examine and scrutinise the underlying systems. In this city skin-to-skin contact is practised in different tertiary units, several secondary level units, primary level care as well as at midwife units and ambulatory in homes. These operate in a well functioning referral system with close collaboration between obstetrics and neonatology. Personally I boast of  “pieces of excellence” at many of these facilities, but part of learning health care systems in the real world is identifying problems and issues that make the ideal hard to attain ! Other pieces of excellence are found in other cities of our country, and programmes can be arranged to include these.

Based on identified needs and learning objectives, I can customise learning experiences in this rich environment.

Mentoring  on an individual level ensures an informal learning experience at optimal speed and depth of detail, and introduction to literature and the evidence  base. Sending a single identifed “champion” for such training is cost-effective, and the time required is more flexible. Appointments with key individuals in different disciplines can be arranged, with practical learning from colleagues and other disciplines, with or without my presence. Actual ward work and hands-on experience, and shadowing appropriate colleagues can be arranged, though not always garanteed, best planned well in advance.

Coaching requires close personal interaction, and the largest group that we can manage in our health faciities would be 10 or 12. More than that makes it problematic to ensure adequate hands-on and practical experience.For small groups, we can customise and maximise exposure and experiences to best meet learning objectives. We have provided such training to non-English speakers through interpreters.

Larger groups are also welcome, and we can arrange workshops for almost any size of group. Practical content can be included using mannikins, but hands-on experience with neonates is not possible.

Planning such mentoring and coaching is done on an individualised fixed price contract basis, we can assist with accommodation and all practicalities.