Customized Talks

Following are titles of talks from specific conferences or contexts, content may come from two or three of the above set, with some novel information. The outline retains the original source information. For the latter there are sometimes abstracts also.

Code Title Ob/Out Refs Abst
0811 Review of Stomach Capacity and Infant Feeding Frequency YES YES YES
C17 Sociological and spiritual implications of Kangaroo Mother Care YES
0811 Skin-to-Skin Contact Reduces risks of maternal Infant separation YES YES
0902 Perinatal Neuroscience and its Application to the Birthing Unit & NICU
0902 Implementing Best Practice Based on Neuroscience
0911 Skin-to-skin contact: Scientific Evidence and future directions
1001 Biology, motherhood and neuroscience YES
1006 Kangaroo Mother Care is the bridge between modern neuroscience and better public health outcomes. YES
1007 Improving Life from its Beginnings: Applying Affective Neuroscience to Human Birth and Development YES
1101 Skin-to-skin contact as the defining Developmental Environment: a model to guide practice change YES
1101 Empowering parents for skin-to-skin contact YES
1102 Anthropology, neuroscience and culture (90 min)
1104 Skin-to-skin contact: evidence and research base (120 minutes)
1107 Caring and feeding of well and sick infants (RCH)
1108 Neurobiology of attachment YES
1112 Skin-to-Skin brings latest Neuroscience into Contact with Clinical Neonatology YES YES