Nurturescience is the term we use to summarize the evidence base for the Kangaroula.
This has basic science as well as direct clinical evidence.

Current practice for  mother and baby care globally has in the past been based on SEPARATION .
There is NO EVIDENCE for separation.
Indeed, the evidence is actually that spearting mother and baby is harmful for both.
This *provocative* statement is presented in great detail  in a publication in a medical journal
Birth practices: Maternal-neonate separation as a source of toxic stress

So there is both science and evidence against separation.
But we need a more positive view!  What has been missing ?
We believe the answer is *nurture*, and this is so important that it deserves its own science – NURTURESCIENCE
This too is published …
Nurturescience versus neuroscience: A case for rethinking perinatal mother-infant behaviors and relationship.


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