Dad and newborn 72dpi“Fathers-to-be have a special role of supporting their wives or partners through the labour process by being there, speaking encouragement and support and being strong. Their love and eye-to-eye contact keeps the oxytocin flowing.

This dad holding his new son of a few hours shows the incredible and wonderful role of the father at birth. Such gentleness, strength, protection and calmness and joy!”.

This is what he writes as his son is now 4 months :

.” Its really been a journey. He is nice and strong and still on the breast

As a new dad I find myself many times starring at awe at this little creation I have the privilege of calling my son. He has profoundly changed my perspective over life. I’ve come to realise that he does not want money, toys or things, but he wants me, not half of me or two thirds but all of me and I want to be exactly that. To see him grow and go through his phases of life I realize that I have one opportunity to enjoy this with him because never again will he learn to roll over for the first time, crawl, laugh, walk, giggle and so much more. I have one chance to either be there or miss it and I have decided as a dad, to be there for there is nothing in life that surpasses the joy of being a father, a husband and a son of God.”


grandfather 72dpi


Grandfathers often have a special joy at holding their grandchildren, and having more time than they may have had to do things with their own children because of work. This grandfather holds his grandson for the first time!