Premature Baby

About 1 in 8 babies are born early, before 37 weeks, and this is increasing with early elective caesareans.

These babies have missed out on the safe and gentle time developing inside the womb, and their bodies are not ready. These babies are extra sensitive and vulnerable. Their lungs may need support, and they may need extra feeding. Modern technology has improved the physical survival of these babies, but NINO aims to improve the QUALITY of that survival. This is done by bringing the technology that is needed to the baby that is in skin-to-skin contact on mother’s chest. Here the baby will  stabilise much faster, and need less intense technological support.  There is a new skill-set involved in doing this, supported by the Kangaroula.

Babies are not in incubators because they are unstable.
They are unstable because they are in incubators
– Dr Nils Bergman.


Few parents expect  their baby to be born early , so it can be a huge shock for them.  On skin-to -skin contact on mother the premature baby’s temperature will stabilize faster than in a warmer, the lungs will breath better, and the heart rate stabilize faster. (Click here for Dr Bergman´s research evidence )

Baby Stohm in SSC with CPAP

Baby Stohm (780g) in skin-to-skin contact with nasal prong oxygen

For any baby born before term, the lungs may not be ready, and so may need extra technology for help with breathing. The smaller the baby, the more support they may need. The baby may need extra feeding, or help to keep his temperature stable. This technology and intensive care can be life-saving, but it often separates the baby from his mother. The premature baby is even MORE dependent on mother for his physical stability and emotional sense of safety or security.

Baby Stohm bonding with mum in skin-to-skin contact

Baby Stohm bonding with mum in skin-to-skin contact

Preterm babies have missed out on vital brain developmental time inside mum and are often very sensitive. If we can keep them in skin to skin contact on mum where they feel SAFE, it minimizes their stress.