Susan Ludington

Susie maintains the greatest single reference resource in existence. All the outcomes described are collated in charts, which can be downloaded.

Dr Nils Bergman

There is a chronological list of my own published papers, with separate link to references in some cases.

My own references are provided by subject or source. For each of the films we have  produced there is a reference list, as well as for various talks and presentations. These include references on Kangaroo care, kangaroo Mother Care or skin-to-skin contact, but selected. It is the references to the  broader context of science and clinical practice that I attempt to provide in this way.

Excellence in Paediatrics Refs 1/12/2011

Gene Cranston Anderson (PhD, RN, FAAN)

Gene has been described as the “great white mother of KC” – and was probably the first to begin systematically collecting publications on KC, and the first to write a systematic review:

Anderson GC. Current knowledge about skin-to-skin (kangaroo) care for preterm infants. J Perinatol 1991 September;11(3):216-26.

On her page can be found for download those references, as well as annual publication updates, as far as the year 2000.


I am happy to add links to other sources of references to this page, with appropriate permission!