A long but peaceful home birth

What a privilege to accompany this family on their homebirth. When the mum was in early labour we walked around the neighbourhood with older siblings on bikes and rollerskates. We sat in the garden and had tea. Everyone would pause conversation for mum’s contraction and I thought how wonderful for young kids to watch normal biology in process.

After supper the kids scrambled together, kissed mum goodnight, and went off to sleep. Now mum could focus more on the contractions that intensified a bit more. Candles, music, swaying, supporting, not talking just being with her quietly. Shoulder rubs, helping in and out of the bath and being.

As the little ones woke, they came and cuddled with mum and dad, and moved off to play with granny and wonderful friends. Then the oldest two came back to share the climax next to me. I gently interpreted and explained to them in low murmurs how their baby was moving down getting ready to be born. Their wide-eyed wonder at seeing the head crowning under water, and wriggling quickly around the pool to welcome their little sister and check that mummy was OK. The daughter watched in wonder as her baby sister wrapped her new starfish fingers around her own finger. Excitement and awe at watching her start to suckle.

Welcome to your family of love, little one!