On these pages are a selection of stories, and some have photos also!

Mum’s Stories  are as sent to us by mothers we have worked with, showing Kangaroo Mother Care working in real life.The  Photo Stories  are “scripted” by us, and have been chosen by us to be illustrative and instructive!

VANIA WITH TWINS DOING SKIN-TO-SKIN IN OPERATING ROOM.   Letter from a happy Mum who had two previous sons by caesarian, both taken from her at birth. She had a history of Post natal depression and when she was due to deliver twins she wanted to keep them with her at birth. Dr Bergman put them skin to skin on mum in operating theatre, then on dad. Both of the twins self attached to mum within the first 90 minutes after delivery, and spent the night skin to skin with mum. What a star mother!

EMMA  having single birth Caesarean   and doing skin-to-skin on the table. Emma you will see in our latest films … this particular selection shows how the baby behaves on father in the first hour of life.

JUSTIN  – a father’s story !!
Justin kindly volunteered for some research … and descibes his experience !
These photos also show how to use the Kangacarrier in the theatre /operating room.

You are welcome to send us your story to these pages, if you feel that it has something of value to others !! Some of the first stories here come from our early work on the Kangaroula, and the making of the films.

There’s a saying:  “A picture is worth a thousand words”.     Another    “Seeing is believing” !  In these photo essays we try to convey the reality and practicality of the theory described in ABOUT KMC.

Manama Story – describes how Jill and Nils first began KMC in 1988, In Zimbabwe.
The key that made babies survive much better was to start skin-to-skin on mother at birth – this stabilised them best.

Stohm’s story – was a real time photo essay following a 770g baby born in Cape Town, and comes in three installments:
Stohm’s story – a premie’s journey
Stohm’s story – premies can breastfeed
Stohm’s story – skin-to-skin to grow and go

Peter’s story – SIZE DOES NOT MATTER
These photos are from Uppsala, Sweden; Peter was 520 grams when he staretd skin-to-skin contact.

Also from Uppsala: no matter how much technology, or how sick, skin-to-skin contact is the best place to care for preterm babies

Again from Uppsala: firm contact rather than touch is calming and regulating for preterm babies.

This is a fullterm child with jaundice due to unknown illness: skin-to-skin contact is still the best place.

There are many ways of combining phototherapy and skin-to-skin contact – and even with breastfeeding.

Natural Way story
Key messages summarised from the DVD.

Why Kangaroo?
Not everybody has seen a kangaroo !!  See here the parallels between kangaroos and Kangaroo Mother Care.

The Photo Galleries have less script and more variety!

Here is a dramatic story of a mother seemingly on her deathbed, recovering because of skin-to-skin contact with her baby!    Download here a brief report of how skin-to-skin contact improved the condition of an unconscious mother on ventilator, whom doctors believed was going to die!
Thanks to Susan Ludington and Mary Walters.