Mothers’ Stories

You are welcome to send us your story to these pages, if you feel that it has something of value to others !!

Some of the first stories here come from our early work on the Kangaroula, and the making of the films.


VANIA with twins at Caesarean .
Letter from a happy Mum who had two previous sons by caesarian, both taken from her at birth. She had a history of Post natal depression and when she was due to deliver twins she wanted to keep them with her at birth. Dr Bergman put them skin to skin on mum in operating theatre, then on dad.Both of the twins self attached to mum within the first 90 minutes after delivery.and spent the night skin to skin with mum. What a star mother!


EMMA  having single birth Caesarean
Emma you will see in our latest films … this particular selection shows how the baby behaves on father in the first hour of life.


JUSTIN  – a father’s story !!
Justin kindly volunteered for some research … and descibes his experience !
These photos also show how to use the Kangacarrier in the theatre /operating room.