Emma and Jania

Emma – skin-to-skin at caesarean

Emma very kindly consented to be filmed for footage of the DVD’s Jill produced in 2011: “Hold Your Prem” and “Grow Your Baby’s Brain“. This series of photos are from the theatre / operating room only – see more in the films!

Below you will see father being a comfort to mother in the operating room, first just before the spinal, and then while this is taking effect. You will see Jill also, providing kangaroula support, both mother and father need comfort and reassurance at times!

Father supporting waiting for spinal

In the film you will see Jaimie on mother straight after delivery, and after a while we have moved him to father’s chest (see details in Justin’s story).

Something very interesting happens here: the baby starts doing almost all the behaviors that have been described during self-attachment, but is feeling safe enough to do them on father!

In the first two photos fingers are splaying and exploring, and then the mouth opens.

Kangaroula support
birth behavior dad touching birth behavior mouth open
birth behavior hand search birth behavior hand fisting
birth behavior mouth open birth behavior thumb in mouth
birth behavior pausing Then the hand explores the chest, and we see “mouth pouting”. In the photo above the mouth opens and tongue sticks out. Far left thumb is in the mouth, and then there is a rest period. All of these steps have been described as part of self-attachment.
emma smiling on table father comforting
Meanwhile the caesarean is being completed, and Emma is happy to see Jaimie with father. But when there is some discomfort, a comforting hand provides relief. mother comforted
baby continues on mother baby works on breast
After about 30 minutes, in the recovery room, Jaimie is gently transferred to mother’s chest, where he gently rouses, and continues the self-attachment behaviour (see more in the film).


Emma's Jaimie one year