Justin’s experience

Justin’s experience – a father at caesarean

Justin very kindly participated in my research on father’s hormones, in which we collect blood samples before birth, (in this case a planned Caesarean), and thereafter we collect while baby is in skin-to-skin contact with dad. He kindly agreed to share his experience and sent these photos, with the “testimonial” at the bottom of this page!

SSC in OR wrapper SSC in OR kangacarrier
The operation has started and we are putting the wrapper on first, then the shirt, in readiness for the baby to be born. As the baby is born, after quick check by neonatologist, she is placed in mothers arms for a minute, then transferred to father, and placed naked in skin-to-skin contact. SSC in OR babe on mum
SSC in OR babe moved SSC in OR babe arrives on dad
SSC in OR wrapper tight SSC in OR mum watching kangacarrier

The wrapper is tied tight under the ear, head in sniffing position and then the shirt covers the baby.

Note that mum is close enough to see all this, and be reassured that all is well!

SSC in OR KangaCarrier closing
SSC in OR babe settling on dad

The shirt can now cover baby, going tightly under the bum (where dad is supporting with his hand for the time being), until both sides have wrapped around and he no longer needs to support the baby’s weight.

Then he can hold mother’s hand close to baby, who in this picture is reacting to the bright light.

(Notice the blood collecting cannula in his left arm, photo on left!)

SSC in OR smiling father SSC in OR father standing

Here he can relax and just enjoy being a father, while close to mum, who is reassured that baby is safe.

Father can stand up and move around, but hospital safety rules want him to move to recovery in a wheel chair, where we will transfer baby back to mother’s chest!


Justin’s message to all fathers:

Having been part of the Kangaroo trial I feel that I have been part of this amazing moment that I would never have otherwise been able to begin to imagine. Having my just born baby strapped to me was nerve racking at first but then became a surreal experience. I had a small inclination as to what mothers feel in pregnancy as you can feel her motions so close to your body. I would recommend and encourage all fathers to be involved in this way, as it is a moment that you will never regain.