Vania twins

Vania and her twins in theatre

skin-to-skin at caeasarean

Vania had two sons previously – both born by caesarean. Both were separated at birth, leaving Vania anxious, and having trouble with latching and breastfeeding afterwards. She had 2 years of severe post-natal depression.

When her twins were expected toward the end of 2011, she wanted something better. A Kangaroula for support!

The twins were quickly checked by the doctor and identified, and then put onto Vania’s chest, where she could experience them. One showed signs of “grunting” not breathing well, so he was the first to be transferred to skin-to-skin contact on father’s chest.

caesraean bay on father twins on dad caesarean

The warming contact and the upright position may have been the factors that led to an immediate improvement in the breathing, and additional oxygen or CPAP were not needed (though in readiness!!). Within a few minutes, the second twin joined the first inside the KangaCarrier, inside which both could be observed comfortably. At the end of the operation Vania was transferred to a trolley, and father to a wheelchair, and both were safely wheeled off to recovery ward. Jill darkened the corner where Vania lay, and then transferred them from father to Vania’s chest, one to each breast. Both could open their eyes, and one latched immediately, the other took his time but latched well also.

twins breastfeeding

The whole bed with the threesome was transferred to the postpartum ward, where Jill supported Vania in providing continuous and uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact to both boys. They stayed in skin-to-skin contact for the first 24 hours.

SMS received 48 hours later:

“We are going home during the morning.
Wow to the benefits of a kangaroula!
Boys are nursing like champs.
We feel so blessed.
Had a good night’s sleep as an extra bonus.”

Jill’s comment :

One very happy start for these babies and their parents. What a privilege to be part of their birth!

One Week Later

Hi Jill,

Things just can’t go better!!! The boys are still sleeping most of the time and I need to wake them for feeds but they are feeding very well.
This is not double trouble but a double joy and blessing to our family. They are just peaceful and calm and we are enjoying them so much!
This time my feelings toward them are just love and joy! So different than last time!
We still can’t believe that we had the birth experience that we dreamt of! So wonderful and all thanks to you!
Thank you so much for being there for Konrad and me. It meant a lot and and changed us as a family -making us more connected and making the transition from 4 to 6 so much easier. Neil and Marco are also doing fine. They just want to play with their brothers and tickle them!
I am taking things easy. The pregnancy and ceaser really was quite a story and I realise i will need to take time to recover. I don’t have so much pain anymore but are still very much swollen.
The photo’s came out nicely. We don’t mind you using them in your talks and if we can be an inspiration to other couples that would be so wonderful.
I still need to download them onto the pc and then will send them by email. Unless you want them on a cd we can also do that.
Sorry I did not email sooner but time flies and I still cant believe a more than a week is over already. I enjoy this so much and feel very content as a mother. No sign of any PND or baby blues!!

Lots of greetings and love
From all of us!

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