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Skin-to-skin with multiples

Twins are practical and easy to manage in skin-to-skin contact – see Vania’s story!

Twins resting in SSC twins talking in SSC one twin in SSC

These photos are from Mowbray Maternity Hospital, Cape Town (from Louise Goosen, IBCLC)


triplets SSC awake triplets SSC asleep triplets and mum asleep in SSC

Triplets at Mowbray Maternity Hospital (photos by Lousie Goosen, IBCLC)


skin-to-skin for triplets Skin-to-skin for triplets

Pam Fortune is the “champion” for KMC at Mitchell’s Plain MOU, where these triplets are posing for visitors! Both sets have grown, but did actually spend much of their time in the MOU like this!


Nephew triplets 27w

These are Jill’s nephews – triplets born at 27 weeks, December 1994. They were the very first in South Africa to do this.

Skin-to-skin with Dads

REAL MEN… give their babies skin-to-skin contact!

big dad doing SSC stohm dad SSC dad sleeping SSC

Also see Justin’s experience and Emma’s story.