Hilda has jaundice

HILDA was born without problems, and started life with skin-to-skin contact. And she did all the right things…

Hilda SSC at birth Hulda opens eyes Hilda SSC attaching

She comes home, and gets to know Dad! Mum thinks Hilda prefers Dad’s hairy chest than her own….

Hilda meets father Hilda sleeping on father

But on the third day, she has JAUNDICE (hyperbilirubinaemia). And here she is having standard treatment: overhead lights, or a “biliblanket”. And not enjoying it very much….

Hilda in standard phototherapy Hilda with biliblanket Hilda phototherapy tent

Luckily the night staff nurse understands Hilda’s and Mum’s needs, and she is confident and inventive…. Hilda settles happily, and maintains her vital signs well. The biliblanket and the KangaCarrier can be combined, or the biliblanket just added to the resting kangaroo position. The vagal stimulation provided by mother enhances recovery… Hilda did not spend long like this !

At home phototherapy could continue the “natural way”, sunlight was the original phototherapy first observed by a neonatal nurse.

Hilda phototherapy on Mum Hilda phototherapy sunlight Hilda sleeps on father

And Hilda has continued to be well bonded and attached !

Anna Hilda bonding Hilda is calm and secure

Here at three months, exclusively breastfeeding. “Am I smart, or what ?”

Hilda at breast Hilda is smart