The most essential and critical needs for a new baby-mother dyad are not in any job description.
The Kangaroula advocates and practically provides for these needs.

The training for a Kangaroula is therefore not a small matter, we envisage that it is at least as much as that provided to doulas.   By partnering with existing organisations, we ensure also that content is culturally and contextually appropriate. This therefore varies from country to country, but in general we aim to provide a training of 50–60 hours.This is divided into didactic lecture, practical exercises, readings, and practical experience with reflections reported in structured format.

We also provide training  for health professionals, both obstetric and neonatal, and here including also very small and sick newborns. This requires partnering or consulting with hospitals.

We also provide support for systems change to incorporate kangaroula principles and  practices into health systems, particularily in Low Income Countries.