Kangaroula Fullterm

Entry level  (Registered Kangaroula):

  1. Attend basic course “ KR 1a”, which is 2 days full-time (in future there may be a web-based equivalent).
  2. Pay nominal/ small registration fee to NINO Academy to become a now Registered Kangaroula. For the course conducted by Jill, this is included. For courses done by other kangaroula trainers, this can be done via the Kangaroula website. Once you have paid, you can access the documents section of the site, together with the blog and sharing and chat group.
  3. Receive: receipt, attendance certificate, proof of registration as kangaroula. A Registered Kangaroula may practice under the trademark.

Anybody can call themselves a kangaroula – we are not going to be litigious! However, like ILCA and the IBCLC, we want to make the “certification” a mark of high standard and excellence (this will require marketing).

Trainee level (leads to Certified Kangaroula):

  1. Provide proof of doula training and registration, half page summary of experience. We are not reinventing the wheel, and prefer to assume that trainees have doula experience, or experience that is similar. The Registered Kangaroula can be completing doula training at the same time as completing kangaroula certification.
  2. Five (5) case reports on template provided reflecting on basic course (KR 1a). These should be dated and done AFTER the course ! Report template is mixture of direct questions to answer, and reflection; all will be “marked” or commented on by NINO Academy.
  3. Required reading completed. A reader is available on website, based on 20 journal articles. These can be downloaded in full. However, each also has a one page Word document summarizing the essential information.
  4. Attend further course “KR 1b”, which is 2 days full-time or a web based equivalent.
  5. Write exam on required reading and both courses (pass mark 80%). Questions will come from each section of the courses, and from the 20 required readings. The readings can be brought to the exam (open book). This is a decent and long exam but it is not difficult  – it’s just aimed at ensuring reading has been done.
  6. Pay registration fee to NINO Academy.
  7. Receive: receipt, Certified Kangaroula certificate.

We think a Certified Kangaroula should be entitled to charge more for her services than a doula. Of course, a doula already charges what her clients can afford, rather than what she is worth.