Kangaroula Preterm

Advanced level training, leads to Certified Preterm Kangaroula.

  1. Certified kangaroula, education credits up to date.
  2. Attend preterm kangaroula course, “KR 2a”.
  3. Five case reports reflecting KR 2a – can include “fullterm adversity experience”, also observation sheets on birth, state organisation, first hour, sensory environment, skin-to-skin contact.
  4. Required reading completed (all of HYP, articles provided, 20-40 hours).
  5. Write exam on required reading and course KR 2a (pass mark 80%).
  6. Pay registration fee to NINO Academy.
  7. Receive: receipt, Preterm Kangaroula certification.
  8. Commit: maintain competence with regular annual education credits.

Advanced level training, leads to Kangaroula Trainer.

  1. Certified kangaroula, education credits up to date.
  2. Attend advanced kangaroula course, “KR 3a”.
  3. Complete additional external courses on counselling or mentoring, breastfeeding support, etc.
  4. Required reading completed (articles provided, 40 hours).
  5. Attend “kangaroula training course” (KR 3b), including observed delivery of lesson.
  6. Mentoring with Jill and Nils Bergman
  7. Pay registration fee.
  8. Receive: receipt, Kangaroula Trainer certification.
  9. Commit: support kangaroulas in ongoing education needs, partner with NINO.
  10. Provide: kangaroula courses KR 1a, KR 1b (other courses by agreement).

We hope in future that each country will have one or two or three kangaroula trainers. They would run Kangaroula courses as they currently would for doula training.