NINO for NICU Staff

Neuroscience for Improved Neonatal Outcomes – Premie focus

This course will super-skill NICU nurses in the neuroscience of birth, transition and early physiology, in order to better meet the needs of the developing brain of the preterm baby. This science includes specifically the role of parental regulation and maternal neuroplasticity. Derived from basic principles, the course will seek to enhance counselling skills, the ability to support in various adverse outcomes, as well as the ability to provide practical support for immediate and continuous skin-to-skin contact, and very early breastfeeding of preterms. Accomplishing this also results in empowerment of parents, and increased self-efficacy of mothers.

The course is also for certified kangaroulas.

Programme overview

  1. Brain development of fetus and newborn, key role of skin-to-skin contact (Nils).
  2. Practical application to unstable and very small neonates (Nils).
  3. Practical involvement of parents in all aspects of care of very small neonates (Jill).
  4. Counselling skills and content for parents, also for severe morbidity and mortality (Jill).
  5. Specific support for early feeding, suckling, and subsequent breastfeeding (Jill).
  6. Re-orienting the ethos of the NICU to include parents in care (Jill and Nils).
  7. Parental needs after discharge.

The course will take 2 full days (16 hours) and will include:

  • didactic lectures,
  • hands-on demonstration with manikins, and
  • if the hospital allows and parent consent is give, practicals in the NICU or the stepdown unit.

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