VIRTUAL training

Virtual training is working well  … even without actual “skin-to-skin contact” !!


Hosting organisation:  BirthWorks International (link to

Detailed Kangaroula training & certification information:

Virtual workshops are offered every February and September, as well as by request, see schedule here:

For any questions, or to request a workshop for your group, please contact Cathy Daub or Cristin Tighe at: or +1 (609) 953-9380 or 888-8BIRTH (if you’re within the USA)

( February 18th – 21st, 2022 )

( September 17th – 20th, 2022 )



SPANISH COURSE:    Hosting organisation:    Instituto Holistico Materno Perinatal
Contact person:  Carlos at   
23 -24 -25 September / 1-2 October